Vazandar wins big!

Posted by : admin 06/06/2018

Vazandar is an endearing journey of two young and beautiful girls Kaveri (Sai) and Pooja (Priya) who are on a mission to lose weight and get down to the much-hyped Size Zero. What follows in their quest is a series of funny, eye-opening incidents that change their lives forever.

According to method acting, it’s not enough for an actor to act like a character, but he must become the character himself. Many actors have followed this tradition over the years, which demand them to internalize the character not only mentally, but try to get closer in terms of the physical attributes as well. We see the examples even today. Even in contemporary Hollywood, you have actors like Bale, Spacey and Hanks who have changed their appearance film after film. In Bollywood, other than the slight exception of Aamir Khan, the appearance is another word for fitness and most efforts just revolve around six packs. In Marathi, its not very different. One remembers Atul Kulkarni’s performance in Natrang, the role dictating a change in his appearance, but we struggle to think of anyone else. Now, with Sachin Kundalkar’s Vajandar, we have two mainstream heroines putting on a large amount of weight, to play the plump protagonists.

Vajandar is meant to be a light comedy. It has a simple and straightforward message about the inner beauty, which can resonate with anyone, and it has likable characters. The situation that triggers the story is timely and also has a ring of familiarity.